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Laraine Herring

If you are a writer you know that writer's block can be a terrifying force – a wolf at the door, a vast conspiracy, something that keeps you up at night, spinning your wheels, going nowhere.

On Being Stuck will help you uncover the gifts hidden within your creative blocks, while also deepening your relationship
to your work and reawakening your creative process

About Laraine

Laraine Herring holds an MFA in creative writing and an MA in counseling psychology. Her short stories, poems, and essays have appeared in national and local publications. Her fiction has won the Barbara Deming Award for Women and her nonfiction work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She currently directs the creative writing program at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona. She is a member of the Author’s Guild and the American Association of University Professors, as well as the founder and Head Monkey of Fierce Monkey Tribe.



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On Being Stuck: Tapping into the Creative Power of Writer's Block

Writer's block is not a mysterious force that has aligned with your writing to stop you in your tracks. Writer's block occurs when hope meets fear—when our expectations for a project or ourselves as writers run head first into the fear(s) that are uniquely tied to that hope. Using deep inquiry, writing, body and breath exercises, and a range of interdisciplinary approaches, On Being Stuck helps writers uncover the gifts hidden within their creative blocks and deepen their relationship not only to their work but to themselves.


Gathering Lights: A Novel of San Francisco

On the eve of the fortieth anniversary of the Summer of Love, Helen and Frank Connor arrive in San Francisco to determine the fate of their marriage. A series of unexplainable events sends the couple in separate directions deep into the ghosts of the City’s past, which include the fierce, fiddle-playing Elle, who accidentally jumped to her death in 1967 and is now back to reclaim her lost instrument, pulling along with her all the men who stopped their lives for her.

Into the Garden of Gethsemane, Georgia: A Novel

Mrs. Abigail Fisher, the South’s Esteemed First Lady of Letters, is in a rut. Her writing career has collapsed, and she has become an embittered old woman living alone in a dilapidated house in Georgia. Only she’s not as alone as she thinks. One of her characters, Pistachio Simmons, who had been cut from Mrs. Fisher’s best-selling novel, The Garden of Gethsemane, Georgia, has returned to demand she be given the storyline she deserves.

Ghost Swamp Blues: A Novel

In 1949, fourteen-year-old Lillian Green witnesses the unthinkable. Her choice to remain silent about what she saw ripples into the swamps surrounding her family’s home, awakening the ghost of Roberta du Bois, former rice plantation mistress, who had drowned herself in those waters in 1859. When the truth about what Lillian saw surfaces, no one, living or dead, can prevent what must come next.

The Writing Warrior: Discovering the Courage to Free Your True Voice

Learn how to remove obstacles in your writing and develop techniques to help you relax into your own voice; discover ways to enter into a compassionate, non-judgmental relationship with yourself so that you can write safely and authentically from a place of absolute vulnerability; and discover the interconnectedness of your personal writing process and the community as a whole.

Writing Begins with the Breath: Embodying Your Authentic Voice

With warmth and wisdom, Herring offers a path to discovering “deep writing” – prose that is unique, expressive, and profoundly authentic. Lessons and imaginative exercises show you how to stay with your writing when your mind or body starts to pull you away; explore the five senses in your writing; and approach your writing without judgment.

Lost Fathers: How Women Can Heal from Adolescent Father Loss

Written expressly for adult women, Lost Fathers is a healing, authoritative guide to understanding how behaviors, relationships, and sense of self in adulthood are shaped by the experience of losing one’s father during adolescence to death, divorce, abandonment, incarceration or addiction.

Monsoons: A Collection of Writing

A unique mix of lyrical prose and poetry, Monsoons challenges cultural and religious myths while reflecting the soulful grieving process of a woman for her father.


Anthologies, Articles and Periodicals

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Laraine directs the creative writing program at Yavapai College and teaches writing full time. Many creative writing courses are offered entirely on-line. Anyone can register for classes at the college, but you must first complete a college application. There is no application fee. All registration is done online at Classes range from entry-level to advanced, and cover poetry, creative non-fiction, memoir, and fiction writing.

 On-Demand Workshops

Writer's Block Breakthrough: 6 Keys to Finding Flow - FREE

Writer’s Block Breakthrough: 6 Keys to Finding Flow, helps writers working in all genres to create a healthy approach to the natural seasons of the creative process. Using deep inquiry, writing prompts, and body and breath exercises (and some musical interludes!), Writer’s Block Breakthrough will help you uncover the gifts hidden within your creative blocks, while also deepening your relationship to your writing and reawakening your creative process. This six-week on demand course includes four guided meditations and seven audio lectures along with writing prompts. More info.

49 Days to a Fierce Writing Life for FREE

This course provides you with concrete tools and techniques for navigating the fertile and fallow times in a writer’s life. Lessons are delivered to your in-box over the 49 day period. More info.

Cultivate A Strong Writing Practice

Because your writing needs you to show up.

Sign up for my 8-week on-demand course through Daily Om! Learn to cultivate a writing practice that works for your life and your writing goals. Pay what you want for the 8 lessons. ($5 or more). Join over 400 people who’ve already benefited!


Upcoming Live Workshops

Breaking Through Writer’s Block: The Creative Power of Being Stuck

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
Lenox, MA in the snowy Berkshires!
Jan 5-7, 2018

Embrace the creative power hiding within your writer’s block in this process-oriented program with award-winning author Laraine Herring. Using deep inquiry, writing exercises, movement, and breath work, learn how to break through the perceptions and perspectives that hold you back. Stay present with your words until you’ve heard everything they have to say—not only to your readers, but to your own heart.

 The promise of the new year and the cocoon of winter create a perfect environment for reimagining how you and your writing can work together. If you’re haunted by what you’re not writing, or feel as if you and your writing have abandoned each other, come find your voice again and listen closely to its wisdom.

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