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Commitment. Trust. Intimacy. Self-confidence. Independence. These are critical areas of personal development in the passage from adolescence to adulthood. However, this path toward self-identity can become particularly difficult for women to navigate when, as adolescents, they lose one of the most important relationships of their lives: their relationship with their father. Written expressly for adult women, Lost Fathers is a healing, authoritative guide to understanding how behaviors, relationships, and sense of self in adulthood are shaped by the experience of losing one’s father during adolescence to death, divorce, abandonment, incarceration or addiction.


With gentle expertise, Laraine Herring blends poignant personal stories, the latest information in developmental psychology, and guided writing exercises in this much-needed therapeutic guide.

Lost Fathers: How Women Can Heal from Adolescent Father Loss

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Published by Hazelden Publications

First printing 2005

Print: 200 pgs


ISBN: 978-1-5928515-5-3

“As a mentor and a companion, Laraine Herring offers readers a ‘perfect pitch’ of personal memoir, the latest research on grief, and objective guidance on healing from the painful and complicated wounds of father loss.”

—Stephanie Brown, Ph.D., author of A Place Called Self


“This book is for all women who must courageously find their own paths without the wisdom, support, and love of their fathers.”

—Deirdre Curran Felton, international grief recovery expert